ANOTHER Cumbrian council has joined the ranks in declaring a climate emergency.

On July 18, Keswick Town Councillors voted to declare a climate emergency - following the lead of Carlisle City Council, South Lakeland District Council and Eden District Council.

It also made the move to appoint councillor Alexandra Boardman as the climate champion of the town.

Councillor Boardman, who represents the west ward, will be responsible for setting up a working group that will explore ways that the council can make more sustainable decisions in future policies and procedures.

Whilst Keswick isn’t the first council in Cumbria to declare a climate emergency, it is one of the first to take the step of appointing a councillor to take the lead on this subject.

Declaring a climate emergency acknowledges the need to drastically cut carbon emissions.

When South Lakeland declared the climate emergency in February, Hazel Graham of Cumbria Action for Sustainability, said: “We are finding that there is a huge drive in Cumbria from communities, individuals and businesses to take strong action on climate change.”

Environmentalists across the county have praised town and city councils for making the move to be more conscious of the environment.