Carlisle Refugee Action Group has issued a call for volunteers to help the Kendal Calling clean-up effort.

On Tuesday 30, once festival goers have packed up, the volunteers will be going along to the Lowther Estate to salvage items such as: tents, sleeping bags, and camping mats.

Festival salvage is crucial in supplying refugees in the camps at Calais, Dunkirk, Caen, and Paris with the things that they need the most.

James Cartwright, who is organising the salvage, said: "Any suitable equipment we find gets taken to Calais where we work with established charities bases there to distribute things to refugees, sleeping rough there.

"And it really is rough, with people often being woken by the French police with a kick and a squirt of pepper-spray.

"This leaves them unable to go home, too afraid to seek asylum in France and no way of getting to the UK.

"We can't answer the bigger questions of what is the best course of action for these people.

"We can't easily convince governments to treat people the way we would hope to treated. But we can do something.

"We can make someone's night warmer, drier, better than the night before."

Mr Cartwright will also be taking the items along to the Calais refugee camp.

He hopes that they will reach the camp by August 2 at the earliest.

Anybody who wishes to take part in the salvage operation are encouraged to contact the Carlisle Refugee Action Group Facebook page, or by emailing .