A MAN who told police he’d rather hang himself than apologise to a woman he racially abused, told a judge he had no recollection of the incident.

Leslie Blaney, 65, of Birch Close in Moorclose, Workington, appeared before judge Gerald Chalk at the magistrates court in the town on Friday.

He admitted racial aggravated harassment of Malak Alammar on July 1 on Murray Road, Workington.

Pam Fee, prosecuting, told judge Chalk that Blaney shouted racial abuse at his victim, who had two children with her at the time. Witnesses reported him saying that “people like that have bombed Manchester” and “she shouldn’t be on the street, her with the headscarf.”

Two women, who were said to be appalled and disgusted by Blaney’s behaviour, intervened and flagged a passing police van. During a police interview, the judge heard that Blaney told officers he was a self-confessed white supremacist and that his heroes were Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins.

John Cooper, representing Blaney, said the defendant had had three pints before the incident and could not recall that nor the interview.

Ms Fee said Blaney told officers he believed the woman he racially abused was Muslim because she was wearing a hijab. He added he believed all Muslims were related and that non-white English people should leave England. Ms Fee said Blaney told police he believed his behaviour to be acceptable and that although he would see how people would see it as racist., he just spoke his mind.

The court heard Blaney, who was wearing a grey suite and pink shirt and tie, had never been before the court.

Mr Cooper said: “He said this isn’t his view, that’s the view of a drunk man who’s lost the plot. He apologises for his behaviour on that day.”

Judge Chalk told Blaney he gave him credit for his guilty plea but his language was extremely offensive not only to the victim, but to anyone hearing it.

Blaney was handed a 10 week curfew, banning him from leaving his home between 8pm and 6am. He must also pay £85 costs and £90 victim surcharge.

Following the hearing, Ms Fee said: “Leslie Blaney, a self-declared white supremacist, unleashed a torrent of racial abuse at a young mother as she walked down a busy street with her young children, simply because she was wearing a headscarf.

“Spouting such poisonous views in a public place is not acceptable in today’s society and we will continue to bring before the courts those who commit hate crime offences.

“I would like to commend the two witnesses who intervened to protect the young woman and quickly alerted police to the ongoing incident. Had it not been for their courage and support, the victim would have walked away and Blaney would never had been brought to justice for his deplorable actions. I would encourage anyone who hears racist abuse or sees a repeated pattern of racist behaviour to come forward to report it regardless of how minor an incident may initially appear.”