A FORMER teacher threatened police after he had failed to reveal where he had stored his rifle.

Edward Peter Ellis Allenby was arrested on Monday May 27 after police called at his home to check on the whereabouts of his firearm.

South Cumbria Magistrate’s Court heard Allenby was in a state of confusion and acting aggressively at the time of his arrest after mixing his medication for anxiety with alcohol.

The court heard Allenby made threats to the police officer and was eventually charged with failing to comply with the conditions of his firearms licence.

Magistrates were told Allenby, 74, had no previous convictions.

After he was arrested, Allenby, a former teacher in Whitehaven, expressed concerns for his own health and was taken to Furness General Hospital.

Defence solicitor Marion Weir told the court the reason the firearm was missing on the day he was arrested was because Allenby’s wife had moved the weapon from the cabinet to a carrier bag.

The solicitor added that her client’s wife had moved the gun due to his deteriorated health and state of confusion.

The rifle was later discovered.

Ms Weir added: “He was admitted to the hospital due to not having his medication, which tells the story of how serious his condition is.”

Allenby, of The Green, Millom, was ordered to pay £519 in total, including a £395 fine, £39 victim surcharge, and £85 prosecution costs.

Magistrates also revoked his firearms licence and ordered the forfeiture of the rifle and ammunition.