A PLEA has been issued to young people not to start fires, following a series of incidents across Cumbria.

In one area of Carlisle, firefighters have been called out to six fires in the last month.

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service attended three fires in the last week alone in the Boustead’s Grassing area of Denton Holme.

The latest callout was on Tuesday, at shortly after 5pm, with firefighters dealing with a 10sq m fire, upstream from the recycling centre. This blaze was started deliberately, according to the fire service.

Crew manager at Carlisle West Fire Station, Jonny Wills, said: “We have had a few down Boustead’s Grassing, it is the third in the last week and sixth in the last month.

“It has become a highlighted area for us to target, along with police. This (latest) fire was next to the weir, 10 sq m of grassland set alight deliberately by youths.”

The firefighter has a strong message for the public.

“Be warned and aware that in dry conditions the fire can spread rapidly and get out of control. Also, people having barbecues shouldn’t have them on the really dry grass.”

One concerned resident who lives in Denton Mill Close, was among the first to report the blaze to the fire service.

She said: “I spoke to a woman outside who told the kids (who were responsible) she was calling the police, they then started throwing stones at her.”

Councillor for Denton Holme and Morton South, Lisa Brown, said: “We have had a couple of concerned people passing on pictures and raising concerns.

“I have met with councillor Ruth Alcroft and we have been in touch with police to see what we can do quickly.

“The situation is quite concerning, particularly with the dry weather. We don’t want people harming themselves or others.”

Mrs Brown says there is also an anti-social behaviour element to the problem.

She added: “People have been complaining that kids are being abusive to people who are asking them to stop.”

Sergeant Scott Adams, of Carlisle Local Focus Hub, said: “This problem has been brought to the hub and has been the subject of discussions among partner organisations.

“Work is ongoing all the time to educate teenagers and youngsters about the dangers of fire.

“We regularly speak to youngsters and will continue this to try to get across to children what could happen if they start fires.”

In Workington, police are investigating an arson at about 6.45pm on Tuesday, on the railway line near Shore Road, Salterbeck.

It took fire crews an hour to control the 30m by 10m area of burning grass.

They were then called at 7.15pm to a refuse fire on Northside, and then again at 9pm to a second grass fire at Salterbeck.

An area about 50m by 5m was alight.

Call police with information.