Plans to build 50 new homes in Whitehaven have been resubmitted after a failed government appeal.

Copeland Council’s planning panel refused the proposed development to the south of Elizabeth Crescent, Bay Vista, in July last year.

More than 100 residents had objected to the proposal, raising concerns over road safety.

An appeal was lodged by applicant Harras Park Estates to the Planning Inspectorate against the council’s decision to refuse the application, but was thrown out due to road safety fears.

In his appeal decision letter, inspector John Dowsett said it had not been demonstrated that the junction with Victoria Road would continue to operate safely, taking into account the traffic speeds and the restricted visibility at the junction.

Now revised plans have been lodged with the council, which include a proposal to modify the junction to give increased visibility.

This would be done by building out the kerb on both sides of the junction to enable the give way lines to be brought forward.

The works would also result in a narrowing of Victoria Road by one metre - which the developer says would reduce traffic speeds by around 4mph.

The plans say: “The junction improvement resolves the issue contained in the inspector’s decision letter and will significantly benefit all road users.

“Both the visibility improvement and the speed reduction result in road safety benefits which will mitigate the impact of the development and address the inspector’s concerns.

“As the inspector’s only reason for refusal has been addressed, there is no justifiable transport reason why consent should be withheld.”

More than 100 residents objected to the previous plans. Those opposed to the scheme are still concerned about the impact it would have.

Don Haslett, who lives at Bay Vista, helped set up a residents’ group to fight the scheme.

He said: “The previous application was refused by the council and this was upheld at appeal so we are unsure why it is being resubmitted using the same access route deemed unacceptable.

“The proposal is near identical so our concerns remain over access through Bay Vista for additional domestic and construction traffic along with other issues including overloading the local infrastructure.

“The proposal to reduce the width of Victoria Road by one metre at the Bay Vista junction, bringing passing traffic closer together - just to facilitate this development - is a major concern, impacting all those who use Victoria road as their main access route to and from the town centre.”

Graham Roberts, who represents the Harras Ward on the town council spoke publicly against the scheme when it was originally submitted.

He said: “It’s still a flawed application. They should have realised that when the inspector put a block on it. It just keeps coming back and back. There are no substantial improvements.

“You can’t just keep adding things on to cracking infrastructures. These are 1930s roads - they can’t cope with it. You can’t put people’s lives at risk, especially children.

“I don’t know where they are going to put 50 houses up there. Who is going to buy all these houses?

“It’s non-deliverable. It’s just a no-go.”

The plans include a mix of 23 four/five bed family homes, 17 three bed homes and 10 two bedroom properties.

A landscaping zone along the northern boundary would separate Elizabeth Crescent and the proposed development.