Review: Grease, StagedRight Youth Theatre, The Sands Centre, Carlisle

Every time I go to see a production by Staged Right I have to keep reminding myself that I am watching a very talented team of Students performing special amateur versions of much loved theatre.

Their contributions and extra large helpings of enthusiasm are very reassuring to theatre lovers who love their musicals.

This production of “Grease”, one of theatre’s best “feel good” shows was a great example of how hard work, enjoyment, dedication and the ability to surround yourselves with a regular team of professional teachers can bring audiences a show that could be staged in any professional theatre in the country.

The technical back-up was superb, as ever.

But credit must be given to the hard working all singing all dancing cast who always gave their all, not only to their audiences but also as a “thank you” to their director David McNeill who gives them the opportunity to take to the stage and work hard – but have fun. The entire cast should be more than a little proud of their efforts.

The students in the lead roles-Danny played by Aaron Halliwell and his great love Sandy (Lizzy Trenell ) gave John Trevolta and Olivia Newton John a healthy run for their money.

This was a show that looked good , sounded good and gave a capacity audience a night at the theatre they will long remember.

The audiences in turn gave the cast a well deserved standing ovation - in fact I came out singing the songs and continued to do so all the way home to Penrith.

With this StagedRight production we got it all - in fact it proved to be “the one that I wanted” - and listening to the comments on the way out, so did the packed Sands Centre audiences.