The Conservative party has catastrophically failed to negotiate Brexit, dragged the country down to its lowest standing ever-recorded on the international stage and is about to be led by someone who is waffling, bumbling and self-serving.

But it is still five points ahead of Labour in public opinion polls.

The Labour party has set itself on fire and is trying to put out the flames by pouring on lighter fuel.

Jeremy Corbyn is giving fewer public appearances than Boris Johnson while party members and those who might vote for it are confused about exactly what it stands for.

Is there any chance of anyone normal starting up a new, sensible party to rule the country, like Emanuel Macron did in France?

A party where they give honest answers to straight questions, where they treat everyone fairly; one that doesn’t need non-disclosure agreements?

Can we get Sir David Attenborough to stand for Parliament? He’d be a shoe-in for PM.

n To all those who watched their first game of cricket on Sunday night - yes, every match is as exciting as that one, honest.

True, they don’t all have a super over to decide the final outcome, but it is as frenetic, edgy, emotional and fun as that world cup final against New Zealand.

And some matches last a whole five days!

The best thing about Ben Stokes leading England to victory at Lord’s is that this will be a massive and much-needed boost to the game - with thousands of boys and girls now inspired to take up bat and ball.

It was also a massive victory for our ‘rainbow nation’.

Our team included an Irishman as captain, Stokes - who is originally from New Zealand, a South African batsman, a bowler from Barbados, a South African manager, an Australian coach, and three players from Yorkshire, which we all know is a separate nation in its own right.

While it is thrilling and hugely inspiring to finally see the England men’s cricket team win the World Cup for the first time, you have to feel sympathy for New Zealand to suffer such bad luck during the match - ‘catching’ Stokes and then seeing the ball bounce off his bat for a fluke boundary.

But I’m not complaining.

The only way the win could have been improved would have been if we had beaten the Aussies!