Children at Flimby’s primary school swapped books for spray cans to spruce-up the village train station.

Year Six pupils teamed-up with art students at Workington Academy and The Colourful North to create artwork inspired by a nautical theme.

Tania Peers, deputy headteacher at Flimby Primary School, said: “The children felt really proud, it’s something that’s going to be long lasting and it’s nice for them to know they had a part in this. I’m grateful to Northern, The Colourful North and Workington Academy for working with us.”

The school is planning to also introduce some planters at the station.

Warren Birch, community rail partnership officer, said: “It was wonderful to witness the evolution of this sea themed concept thought up by the pupils of Flimby Primary School.”

Despite a rainy start to the day when the artwork was created on Tuesday, children did not let the rain put them off.

Mrs Peers said: “We wanted to make it brighter to encourage people to get off in Flimby and also to try and reduce vandalism.

“The response from people in the village has been absolutely fantastic, we’ve had some lovely comments and I know that lots of people and former pupils headed down to see the artwork.”

Matthew Labourne, director of The Colourful North, said: “The young people who took part in the modifications at Flimby train station were both creative and brave for battling the West Cumbrian weather and finishing their designs with such fantastic maturity and execution.

“Both Flimby Primary School and Workington Academy were fantastic organisations to work alongside and are highly commendable for the work they put in prior to the event establishing. We look forward to other events throughout the year which emulate this opportunity to modify Flimby train station and would like to thank Northern for their open minded approach to train station modifications.”

The work was possible thanks to National Lottery funding of £10,000 and Cumbria Community Foundation’s United Utilities grant of £5,000 which has enabled The Colourful North to implement artistic developments of outdoor areas helping promote cultural development in West Cumbria.

Mr Birch added: “ Despite the ever changing Cumbrian weather, all parties battled on through the rain. The pupils loved spray painting with a wide range of colours, and were absolutely fantastic on the day. Many pupils returned with friends and family later in the day to show them their handy work.”