A CAMP housing members from the Gypsy and Traveller Community has popped up in Carlisle.

The group of about 15 caravans arrived over the weekend.

The families are parked on land just off Winscale Way.

One resident who lives close to the camp said: "I'm fascinated, I'm just watching the families.

"The women were all together yesterday putting out their washing and all the children were playing on plastic bikes, it looks like a nice community.

"My only worries about the camp is the mess they might leave and I have noticed they have been using the bushes as a toilet which isn't very nice.

"They've been no trouble and if anyone says any other its wrong I've not heard them.

"They said they've travelled from France and are on their way to Glasgow."

Carlisle City Council spokesperson said: "We are aware that there is a small encampment on land off Winscale Way.

"We have undertaken welfare checks and legal proceedings are underway.

"The group have indicated they intend to stay a week.”