The flowerbeds of Dalston have faced the judgement of the Cumbria in Bloom judges.

On Wednesday, the competition judges took a tour of the village’s floral arrangements.

It has been entered into the large village section of the competition.

The two judges, Jean Airey and Alison Saxby, were particularly impressed by the work being done by volunteers to keep the area looking neat.

They remarked on how the pavements were clean and free from weeds.

Before they went on the tour, which was led by the Cumbria in Bloom chairwoman, the group was shown a video of the flowers across the village.

Dalston has many different floral sights - and biodiversity schemes - to behold, from the immaculate flower beds of Dalston Cemetery, to the medicinal plants at Dalston Medical Centre.

Orchard Way, a cul-de-sac in the village, boasts rows of distinct front gardens each with something unique to show off.

A group of local children displayed their gardening skills to the judges outside the bowling club and recreation buildings.

St Michael’s Pre-School Nursery is run from the recreation building and three of the pupils demonstrated how they water the plants in the troughs and planters.

In the community gardens, a kitchen garden has taken root.

Different fruits and vegetables can be found ripening amongst the community’s flowers.

Last year, the village went on to receive a gold award in the Britain in Bloom finals after a win in the local competition.

It was their second year of winning at the national level.