Pupils of Seascale Primary School are shining examples of being fit and healthy – and they have the platinum-award plaque to prove it.

The sporty students have earned the School Games Mark Platinum Award by being consistently involved with sports activities and competitions, and were pleased that their competitive sides were allowed to thrive, as the school encourage all children to enjoy being active, whether they’re bundles of competition or prefer to just have fun.

Headteacher Avril Spencer said: “We want to get every pupil involved, and it’s good when they get competitive because we want them all to shine in all areas. As long as they’re having fun while being active, we’re happy.”

Commenting on the school’s impressive award, she continued: “It’s just brilliant – absolutely great! The health and wellbeing of our pupils is key, and getting them involved in sports is such a good way to keep them healthy and happy.”

The School Games Mark is a government-led initiative, which aims to develop healthy competition between children throughout schools while rewarding pupils for being active.

For schools to receive an award, they must meet the four listed criteria: Participation (the number of children involved in sports), competition (number of sports played and competitions entered), workforce (getting children interested in leadership roles while competing), and clubs (creating links between the school and local sports clubs).

After impressing Copeland’s school games organiser, Alison Ashton, and receiving a gold standard award for the fifth year running, Seascale school are proud to be a platinum-winning school – and are the first Copeland primary school to be so.

Along with the Seascale teachers and pupils, Alison was also over the moon with the school’s accomplishment: “Seascale have worked hard over a number of years to achieve their Platinum School Games Award, and I am so pleased that all their hard work has paid off!”

“In addition to encouraging all pupils to live an active lifestyle and providing high quality PE lessons, the school has attended several inter-school competitions, and have made it to the Cumbria School Games finals for two of the sports offered (orienteering and tri-golf). They have also created strong links with local sports clubs, and encourage their pupils to attend outside of school, which was the basis for their platinum case study.”