PARK-GOERS at Hammonds Pond are being urged to ensure children and pets stay out of the water.

Blue-green algae has emerged at the popular Upperby park, prompting complaints from some on social media.

Some are concerned by the amount of algae sitting in the park.

One resident said of the pond: “The council needs to empty it and give it a good clean.”

Carlisle City Council is responsible for operating and maintaining the area and closely monitors the algae situation.

A spokeswoman said: “Algae occurs naturally in lakes all over the world. However, due to various factors such as pollution, nutrient level and climatic conditions, they may become dominant.

“Although unsightly they are part of the waterbodies natural system and provide a valuable resource for all the lakes inhabitants. Species such as Little Grebe, Otter, Heron and Swan, among others, all benefit directly and indirectly from varying levels of different species of algae.

“It is important that both pets and children are protected from entering the water at Hammond’s Pond, especially when the levels of Blue-Green Algae are higher.

“All the algae species are either difficult or impossible to remove from the water.

“Being naturally occurring they just regrow with additional vigour if removed mechanically.

“The aeration system installed in the lake runs for four hours each day, and the air bubbles created disturb the water column inhibiting algae growth but not stopping it altogether.

“Reduction of nutrients and sediment entering the pond and discouraging the feeding of bread to ducks which rots away uneaten and pollutes the water a healthier alternative is available in the café all help to reduce the impact of these algae species, but it is impossible to remove them