People are being urged to spread the message of sustainability by climbing the Lake District fells.

Another Waynwright Day aims to get people to climb the Wainwright peaks on August 31 while raising awareness of treating the world kindly. It is also the official launch of the charity behind the event; Another Way.

Amy Bray, 16, is the founder of both the charity, which promotes embracing an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and the event.

She said: “It’s both the official launch of our charity and a landmark symbol of united desire for a more sustainable future.

“We’re getting ambassadors, supporters, a few celebrities, and organisations up all 214 fells in the Lake District.”

At the top of the fells, there will be activities ranging from yoga and nature-friendly farming talks, to Mexican picnics and llama appearances.

Amy added: “Another Waynwright Day is so special in that so many different organisations are coming together in one event that rarely do this, this has never really happened before.”

She decided to organise Another Waynwright Day as an alternative to mass demonstrations that have recently risen in popularity amongst environment activists.

“Another Way believes that living eco-friendly should be fun and positive, so we thought an event like this is more of a positive way to spread our message that individual change is necessary,” she said.

“We are hoping that up the fells people will engage with other walkers, talking about the charity, and engage in conversations about living a more sustainable life.”

Amy has received support from high-profile environmentalists including Chris Packham and Alan Hinkes and Roz Savage.

“To be supported by all these people who have done amazing things in their lives and who have really contributed to conservation, to recognise the work that I am doing and to believe in my message gives me faith in my vision,” Amy added.