The region’s water provider has issued a warning to people not to flush wet wipes or nappies down toilets.

United Utilities engineers have had to deal with three instances of pipes being blocked in Windermere Road in Whitehaven this year, causing sewage to leak out.

The blockages have been caused by wipes and nappies being flushed down toilets and clumping together to form barriers in the pipes and prevent waste from passing through.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said the company dealt with a blockage last Thursday which had caused sewer flooding in a field near Windermere Road, with wet wipes the culprit rather than a collapsed pipe.

Engineers used a camera to ensure the pipe was clear but the spokesperson warned that further flooding of wipes and nappies could cause more issues.

“Blockages by wet wipes are a recurring problem in this area and we have been called to three instances in Windermere Road alone this year,” they added.

“People don’t always realise that things like wipes and nappies don’t just disappear down the u-bend and dissolve – even if they say they are flushable - they clump together and cause havoc in the sewers.

“All these items should go in the bin instead.”

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