Gastronaut Stefan Gates performed science experiments and pyrotechnics in St Nicholas’ Gardens on Wednesday.

The show, which took place in a marquee in the gardens of Whitehaven was well attended.

Whitehaven schools St James’ Church of England and Mayfield School along with St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Workington; were delighted and amazed by the TV presenter’s food based science experiments.

He aims to make science exciting with colourful and thrilling experiments. Stefan said: “It’s using food to get them fascinated by science.

“If it’s done in class it tends to be a bit theoretical.”

Councillor Edwin Dinsdale said: “We’re hosting a number of schools for the science and learning presentation. Stefan created edible nasal mucus which he fed to a teacher, he also demonstrated an explosion in a bottle.

He also showed the children what they look like in a thermal imaging camera. The thermal lens showed the students the heat on their chairs from where they had been sitting.

The stage show utilised a high-tech set-up with screens that display the experiments up close so that the audience do not miss a thing. As well as a live feed of chemical reactions taking place, the screens display videos of science in action.

Brian O’Kane, mayor of Whitehaven was in attendance to introduce the national stars. And he was happy to be there: “I think we do need to express our gratitude to Gerard Richardson.

He said, “It’s just nice to see a combination of the children coming in and the continental markets.”

The event was accompanied by the continental market, also in St Nicholas’ Gardens.

It was one of many events organised in the town by Gerard Richardson MBE of Richardson’s wine merchants. Financial support was given to the event by Sellafield Ltd and A-Plant.

Mr Dinsdale said: “Gerard and the town council pulled it all together.

“The continental market, that is also here as a bit of a bolt on. They will be here for a full week.”