An eight-year-old football fan has inspired a campaign to take the beautiful game to Africa.

Soccer mad Murphy Grisedale-Stairs, from Carlisle, was initially asked to donate one of his old football kits to children overseas.

When he realised that there are youngsters in the world who can't afford their own strips, it made him think.

He decided he wanted to do more - and came up with the idea of Murphy's Mission.

Launching a Facebook campaign with the help of his parents, the Caldew Lea Primary School pupil asked people to donate their old kits. In just a few weeks he has collected more than 170 football shirts - and they are still coming in.

Now Murphy, who plays for Northbank FC, is planning to collect all year round.

All of the donated kits will be taken out to KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa, and handed out to children who otherwise would never be able to own their own football kit.

Mum Beverley Grisedale-Stairs explained how it came about.

"A friend of the family's daughter is going out to Africa and was collecting kits to take with her.

"I asked Murphy if he had any spare kits he'd like to donate because he has a drawer full," she said.

"He's an Arsenal fan and he loves his kit. It's his prize possession.

"He started to ask if their are boys and girls in Africa that don't have them.

"He couldn't believe it. That's when he came up with the idea.

She added: "He's such a shy little boy. For him to come up with something like this is unreal.

"It just makes us so proud."

Initially they hoped to get about 25 kits, but the campaign has spiralled and they now have more than 170 - some of which have matching shorts.

"We've had them from all over Carlisle and some from further away - down south, Wales and Manchester.

"We've got Barcelona kits, Carlisle United, England, Liverpool, Man United. We can't believe it," said Beverley.

"The children he's helping don't care if it is this season's must have kit. They will be over the moon."

Their friend's daughter, Suzanne Garnett, will take the kits with her when she flies out in a few weeks time.

But Murphy's Mission isn't going to end there.

He has decided he wants to keep the Facebook campaign running and sending donations across every year.

Beverley added: "Every time a donation comes in, his little face lights up.

"He can't really believe this is real."

The family are now working with some of the local football clubs to see if they can also donate kits.

Murphy has also received a special headteacher's award at school for his efforts to help others.

To back the campaign, visit the Murphy's Mission Facebook page.