The mother of a 13-year-old girl who tragically lost her life in a crash near Carlisle has launched a campaign to develop a special courtyard dedicated to her memory.

Ingrid Messenger, of Gaitsgill near Dalston, died in a three-car collision outside the Crown Inn, near Ivegill, during the February half term.

Her mother Catriona was badly hurt and spent weeks in Newcastle hospital, while Ingrid’s 15-year-old sister Erikka was also injured.

A popular pupil at Caldew School, Ingrid’s death left friends and staff devastated.

They have since raised more than £6,000 in her memory, donated to six of the charities that helped her family.

But now her mum is launching a campaign of her own, this time to create a permanent memorial at the heart of the Dalston secondary school.

Named ‘Ingrid’s Courtyard’, it will be a communal area where pupils can socialise and can also be used as an outdoor performance space.

Catriona is appealing for help from the local community to make this dream a reality, asking for donations of money, manpower and materials for the memorial.

In an open letter, she speaks of her “sincere gratitude” to all of Ingrid’s school friends and parents for their fundraising efforts, which have now seen six good causes each receive more than £1,000 in donations.

She added: “The Caldew School community has helped greatly in the fundraising for the emergency services that came to our aid that day.

“ Ingrid’s sister, Erikka, has been given a huge amount of support and care and Ingrid’s friends, the other students and staff have all been given support through this deeply challenging time.

“As a family we wish to give something back which will benefit Caldew School as a whole, in memory of Ingrid.”

She explained that Ingrid was a happy girl who flourished as a student at Caldew, taking an active part in the performing arts programme and enjoyed school life.

Catriona went on to explain the vision for Ingrid’s Courtyard. “It is Caldew’s wish to have a permanent way to remember Ingrid and they have suggested the redevelopment of the courtyard that sits in the heart of the school. The courtyard is located between the library, Theatre and Performing Arts area – all the areas that Ingrid spent her time,” she said.

“Caldew would like to develop Ingrid’s Courtyard as an outside space which can be used by all the community for outdoor performances, and a social space for the community, staff and students.

“We are once again looking to our school community for support in making Ingrid’s Courtyard project a realisation and are looking for support from the public with garden design, landscaping, physical labour, fundraising and donations.”

To help, contact the school on 01228 710044 or email of