Scarves and banners were held aloft as hundreds joined a march through Workington Town centre last night in support of the proposed new sports stadium.

Plans for a brand-new 8,000 capacity stadium in the town are up in the air following a after a shock election result in Allerdale which saw Labour lose control of the council.

But sporting fans in the borough were determined to unite in a show of support for the new stadium which they all want to see go ahead.

Organiser Brian White was delighted with the turnout, with supporters from both Workington Town and Workington Reds uniting, along with other sport fans from across the area to walk from the town centre Hub to Workington Cricket Club.

“I was delighted with the turnout,” said Mr White. “I don’t know exactly how many turned up but I would estimate around 500 at least.

“At 5.40pm I was a little worries as there were only about six people and a dog there but by 5.57pm I was over the moon.

“It was wonderful to watch, there were just people coming from all angles to join us. And that is what it was all about.

“There was a real mix across the ages from youngsters up to around 87. I knew it wouldn’t be a difficult evening as we are all of the same mind.

“But one of the biggest benefits of the night was for the boards of both clubs to see the support. They have had a hard time of it recently. Hopefully we ended the week on a positive note for them.

“I couldn’t hear anyone giving anyone a hard time. It was about showing support and togetherness.”

Once the march reached the cricket field, Mr White gave a short speech and thanked everyone for joining in at short notice.

There was also a short sprint race on the field while some players from the clubs joined youngsters for a kickabout with a football.

“It was really kind of the cricket club to host us, they are true sportspeople in the best sense of the word,” added Mr Smith.

“I just hope common sense will now prevail and people have to be brave. We will never get this opportunity again.”

Fans from across the borough were putting their support to the stadium.

Karen Shankland, a retired headteacher from Cockermouth was at the event and said: “This is a great opportunity for the sporting younger generation. We need developments like this in the west so that future generations can access good quality sporting facilities.”

And Lifelong Workington Town fan Brian Holm, added: “It’s a very good plan and it needs to be actioned quickly. I can’t understand why there are people against it. It’s not going to cost the ratepayers as much as some people are making out. It’s a new facility for the whole community, not just Town and Reds.”

Reds director Steve Durham, of Whitehaven, added: “There’s obviously a long way to go but I hope this will help show people that this is what our area needs. It’s not for us – we’ve had our day – it’s for the next four or five generations. They’re the ones we’re thinking about and caring for.”

Keen Town and Reds supporter Callum Linford added: “The event went really well and it was great to see a delayed start at the hub due to the number of people who attended.”

“The cricket club were extremely welcoming and seeing all the youngsters with huge smiles on their faces while playing football with the Reds first team members and Town backroom staff is what it should be about not political one upping.

“The atmosphere was very positive throughout with various people speaking about how the stadia could improve the whole area and not just through sports but through a lot of well paid jobs and what could be with a bustling shopping centre.”

Football coach Conor Cooke, of Cockermouth, is also hoping the stadium will go ahead.

He said on the night: “It would be wonderful for the whole West Cumbria community. It’s really nice to see the two clubs come together for mutual benefit and for the benefit of the wider community.”

And more Town fans added their views. David Hall, said: “It’s got to go ahead for the youth and for the wider community. It’ll also have the benefit of taking people off the road in terms of Sellafield traffic and provide business for the town centre.”

And Scott Hall, said: “There are no good facilities for young people at the moment. This would change things as the current grounds are decaying fast.”