A FATHER who put his son into a headlock because the teenager had put his unopened alcohol into a bin has been prosecuted for assault.

At Carilsle's Rickergte Magistrates' Court, Jason Nixon, 49, pleaded guilty to a common assault on the 17-year-old.

It happened on May 26.

Prosecutor Peter Kelly outlined how the defendant was at home with his partner in the evening when there was an argument.

"It would appear alcohol was a main factor," said the prosecutor.

"It would appear that the victim in this case has taken unopened bottles of alcohol and put them in a bin, possibly in an effort to ensure that no further alcohol was consumed."

It was after this that the defendant assaulted the boy, putting him in a headlock.

The teenager was uninjured and declined to make a statement of complaint, said Mr Kelly.

He pointed out that the defendant was a man of previous good character.

Paul Tweddle, for the defendant, who now has no fixed abode, said: "The defendant is truly remorseful.

"He has been in a state of considerable anxiety about this case.

"It is accepted that he has assaulted his son.

"Both he and his partner had been drinking: he was drinking beer, and she was drinking gin.

"He says she was absolutely legless.

"There was an argument between him and his son."

What happened had resulted in the defendant moving out of the family home he has lived in for 22 years.

Nixon was not thoroughly embarrassed and remorseful.

Mr Tweddle added: "It's a lesson to him that alcohol can cause minor matters to spiral out of control....But this is a gentleman who is unlikely to come before the court again.

"It was entirely out of character."

Magistrates imposed a £500 fine, with £85 costs and a £50 victim surcharge