A live murder trial is set to take place in Carlisle - and residents are being invited to take part.

The Murder Trial Live event is a social experiment aimed at testing the robustness of the UK judicial system. The experiment will be replicated 40 times across the country and has been designed by a leading team of criminal barristers.

People can buy tickets to be part of the jury and decide the outcome. On trial is Mr Frank Lane who is accused of murdering his wife Alison Lane on March 25,2017, however, no body has been found.

The trial, presided over by our judge, will begin where the prosecution and defence will call witnesses to the stand to give evidence for the prosecution’s case. This evidence will be cross examined by the defence and the jury must make up their minds.

The Carlisle event is taking place on August 10 at the Hallmark Hotel.

Executive Producer Samuel Piri said, “There’s a real current appetite for crime and justice programmes at the moment and we wanted to test how fit for purpose our justice system is in this modern age. The fascinating thing about this experiment is that the same trial and evidence could produce different verdicts in different locations.”

The production has been managed by a legal team to accurately reflect a real court case.

Tickets cost £55. Jurors can sign up at www.themurdertriallive.co.uk.