A performance by controversial comedian Roy Chubby Brown was ruined by hecklers, causing him to walk off stage.

Audience members of Chubby Brown’s performance at the Carnegie Theatre, Workington were outraged last night with some saying hecklers made it impossible for the comedian to continue. After walking off-stage and returning, he was forced to end the show due to the disruption.

Manager at the Carnegie Theatre, Karen Thompson, said she was shocked by the disorderly behaviour.

She said: “Security did a brilliant job and removed people, unfortunately the behaviour continued. Persistent heckling and disorderly behaviour caused Roy Chubby Brown to walk-off the stage as he was unable to continue the show."

Karen added: “Roy is deeply upset that he wasn’t able to continue the performance.

“Roy has been a regular performance for the last four years and we’ve never had anything like it.”

Chubby Brown’s manager, Tony Jo of HRH Live said that the hecklers made it impossible for him to continue.

“Every time he tried to finish a joke they were in on his punchline."

“It looked like it was organised to me. They were all laughing as they were taken out.”

Mr Jo recalled that as soon as one heckler was taken out, another would stand-up: “They just wouldn’t give him a minute.

“They’ve totally embarrassed the town,” he said, “I’ve got two emails from councillors today, apologising on behalf of the town.”

The Carnegie Theatre are offering refunds to audience members at the box office. Karen Thompson added: “I can only praise the staff and volunteers that were on duty.”

In a post on the Workington Rants page, an audience member said: “The man himself was great as always but we’ve never been so disgusted by the behaviour of other audience members in a long time.”

They said: “Just because kids aren’t allowed to watch, that doesn’t give adults a free pass to kick-off and carry on.”