Former Carlisle City Council leader Colin Glover has spoken of his disappointment after missing out on running the authority by one vote.

The Labour group leader said he was particularly frustrated to no longer be part of the Borderlands regeneration and growth project.

“We are incredibly close to delivery on Borderlands, so that in particular is something I will be disappointed not to be involved in, having been there since its inception,” he said.

“I honestly believe that the investment in the region, in the Borderlands, the link road and garden village, is because the Government has recognised a Labour administration here that can and will deliver.”

Mr Glover said he hoped the Conservatives would continue to push the city forward and, in opposition, Labour would keep the pressure on.

He added: “I feel that the Labour group has done some incredible things for the city since we took over control back in 2012.

“We had a bold vision and haven’t been afraid to make difficult decisions to push the city forward.

“In opposition, we need to keep that vision at the forefront of our minds and make sure we push the leadership to deliver for Carlisle.”