Two adventurers have returned to Carlisle as part of a 3,500km rally across the United Kingdom.

Starting in Frankfurt in western Germany, Max Schewe and Merle Kaestner are among 150 teams who have been travelling across the UK raising money for charity as they go.

Kicking off the challenge in Brussels on May 11, competitors completed the challenge in Edinburgh on Monday. From Edinburgh they will then get a ferry to Amsterdam where those involved will celebrate their success.

Each team has chosen a charity to raise money for, with Max and Merle choosing Die Arche, that helps children in Frankfurt.

To take part in the event teams must use a vehicle that is at least 20 years old and raise at least €500 for charity. Drivers are unable to use GPS or any navigation systems or motorways during the challenge.

Launched in 2014, the Knights of the Island challenge combines road and off-road driving.

In last year’s rally Max and Merle raised €8,000, with the pair raising €1,200 so far this year.

Before the challenge started a total of €120,000 had been raised.

The rally is not about speed, with competitors picking up points for completing different tasks along the way. One of the tasks is for teams to get their car into a British newspaper or on TV. So the pair stopped off at the News & Star offices in Carlisle last week.

“It is a nice way of travelling,” explained Merle. “We meet new people from all over Europe, people take part from Austria, Switzerland, Hungary. Along the way we are also in touch with the locals, dipping into the local culture.

“We are supporting the Die Arche charity who support children whose parents don’t care for them, or don’t have the money to care for them.

“They provide them with things such as a packed lunch and help them with homework. It is all to give them a better chance in life.”