A man with 15 hours still to complete on an unpaid work order found himself back in court after failing to attend appointments as required.

Mark Lee Fowler, 38, of Hunday Court, Workington, had been ordered to do unpaid work in January after being convicted of drug possession.

But West Cumbria Magistrates Court heard that Fowler had failed to attend an appointment as directed on March 6, and that between April 26 and May 3 he failed to keep in touch with his Probation Service officer.

Fowler admitted the offences.

Ryan Foley, representing Fowler, said his client could not explain his non-attendance on March 6.

However, he said, he had been unable to attend as scheduled on April 26 because of problems caused by an abscess in his mouth.

The problem arose, the court was told, because he did not keep notify the Probation Service as required.

Mr Foley said that unemployed Fowler was a carer for his brother and added: "He wants to get matters dealt with as quickly as possible."

Magistrates ordered Fowler to complete an extra 10 hours of unpaid work and pay £60 costs.