Two long-standing Cumbrian family firms have agreed a £1m deal.

Waitings Limited, an award-winning civil and marine engineering company, based in Penrith, has placed the £1m order with construction equipment specialists Taylor & Braithwaite, near Appleby.

Waitings works across the UK and Ireland on major contracts and employs over 100 members of staff.

The firm said it invested regularly in heavy construction equipment and preferred to use local suppliers whenever possible.

Adrian Ash, Waitings director of operations, said: “Due to our specialist requirements, investing locally is not always possible, but we always try to develop relationships and give local businesses an opportunity.”

Waitings began working with Taylor & Braithwaite several years ago, when it placed a small order.

Taylor & Braithwaite has gone on to mould that opportunity to expand what was initially an agricultural supply business into what is now multi-million pound business specialising in heavy construction equipment, offering sales, service and support from some of the world’s leading construction equipment manufacturers.

It employs over 20 members of staff from the local area.

Ian Burton, sales director at Taylor & Braithwaite said: “As a Cumbrian myself, nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing we have been instrumental in ensuring continued investment in the local economy.

“The machines Waitings has invested in will be used to support some major infrastructure projects in the county.

“This, in turn, will secure economic growth and employment opportunities for local people.”

Mr Ash added: “Our relationship with Taylor & Braithwaite is a perfect example of two local companies working well together.

“Our particular area of expertise demands the very highest standards of support from our suppliers, which I am delighted to say we get from Taylor and Braithwaite.

“They have expanded their product range to match the needs of our business, offer a bespoke service on top of the base manufacturer offering and always respond rapidly to our after sales requirements.”

Waitings, which was established in 1970, has worked on several major projects.

These include schemes at Carlisle airport, London City Airport, windfarms, tidal river dredging for the West Coast Mainline, sewer installation in Blackpool, Carlisle cycle track and Wreay solar farm.