An RAF helicopter was forced to land in Cumbria after technical issues.

The helicopter had taken off from RAF Leeming on Wednesday and landed near Keswick after the pilot discovered technical issues.

The helicopter last night remained where it had been landed while RAF engineers repaired the aircraft

An RAF Spokesperson said: “The RAF can confirm a Chinook helicopter operating from RAF Leeming had a technical issue that required the aircraft to land in open ground near Keswick.

“RAF technicians were deployed to assess and fix the issue and the aircraft subsequently returned to base.”

One witness Paul Duplock, 42, from Keswick said: “I had just finished work and decided to take the kids to have a look.

"I think it had something wrong with the gearbox.

“When we got there, they (the RAF) had already started the engines, and after a few mins they started the rotor blades.”

Paul added: “The kids thought it was great, the crew were all waving goodbye from inside the helicopter, with one person standing at the back of the helicopter giving big waves.”

Keen photographer, Amy Jackson, 20, from Keswick, said: "I had just finished work and my partner messaged me to say he was going to see a Chinook down at my grandma's.

"It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would be shocked if one landed down there again.

" It was pretty amazing. They let my partner, mum and uncle on it and they had a look round.

"We then left and just happened to go back as it was trying to set off, it had one attempt but they still weren’t happy.

"They all got back out again and opened some parts outside and managed to get it going again.