A CARLISLE man lost his temper after being called into school to discuss his sons behaviour - and then took to Facebook to vent his anger, a court heard.

The 33-year-old, who cannot he named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to two offences when he appeared at the magistrates’ court in Carlisle on Tuesday.

He admitted one charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards his son’s headteacher with intent to cause her to believe violence would be used against her.

The second charge states he posted an indecent or grossly offensive Facebook status.

Prosecutor Peter Bardsley said the father was called into school on November 28 last year to discuss his sons behaviour. During the meeting his son told him a member of staff called him “pathetic”.

The court heard he “exploded into swearing” and said he’d had enough as he began to leave with his child.

The headteacher asked him to stop swearing and he became confrontational, the court heard.

He then told her as he was leaving: “You think you are safe here but you won’t be safe out there.”

Mr Bardsley said the victim “felt like he was capable of doing something as he was squaring up to her” and she was “alarmed” by what happened and threatened by what he had said.

She was later alerted to a Facebook status on the father's profile referring to the incident. It read the “school is a joke just like the staff.”

The court heard the defendant had admitted to police he lost his temper but denied squaring up to the headteacher.

He said he wrote the Facebook status the same day because he was angry and felt she had it in for his son, who he said suffers from ADHD.

The defendant, who was not represented, told magistrates: “I simply took the boy out of school because I didn’t like the way he was being treated.

“When I asked if she did anything about it [his son being called pathetic] she said she would do nothing.

“I just lost my temper.

“He has got ADHD. They treat him like everybody else but he had got a problem.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order in which he must complete 145 hours unpaid work and 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days with the probation service. He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the victim as well as £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.