A PRIMARY school has featured as part of a Sky campaign in their bid to reduce the use of plastic.

Silloth Primary School has pledged to remove single use plastic from its operations and are encouraging other surrounding areas to follow suit with their plastic pollution-themed art exhibition.

The school who are a ‘global learning school’ - which means they think global but act local - heard last week from Sky Ocean Rescue that the school would feature on the Pass on Plastic Heroes last Thursday with posts being shared across their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Headteacher Rachel Ingrams said: “We were absolutely delighted to be featured. It shows that the children have a voice and their voices are being heard.”

The Inspired by Oceans and Sea’s Exhibition marked the start of their single-use plastic campaign.

Miss Ingrams added: “By 2020 we aim to be the first school who are removing single-use plastic and by 2022 we hope to be the first single-use plastic free town”

One of the school governors sent pictures to Sky asking if they would like to feature their pictures on Sky Ocean Rescue and they replied to say they would like them to be their Pass on Plastic Heroes for the week.

Children at the school are writing letters to businesses, making flyers to post through doors and writing to the town council highlighting the issues of single-use plastic.

“The children are being proactive and it demonstrates that if children are prepared to speak up people will listen,” Miss Ingrams continued. “They are gaining momentum with the campaign.”

A Sky spokesperson, said: “We have loved hearing about the great work Silloth Primary School has done to go single-use plastic free.

“Sky Ocean Rescue is committed to supporting companies, school and organisations who are pledging to be single-use plastic free, and when we heard about the steps the staff and pupils have taken we wanted to share their amazing progress to inspire others to for the same.”