IT smells of coconut rings, custard creams or the bottom of a biscuit tin....a candle that smells of Carlisle has been created.

The smelly candle is on sale in the Ashbridge and Brown gift shop in the city.

David Gardiner, who owns the shop off Fisher Street, said: "I used to work in stand up comedy. When comedian Mark Steel came to Carlisle he needed some material for his show to trigger it.

"I told him the city smelled of biscuits and I mentioned a bit about the Border Reivers too. These are unique things from this part of the world.

"For a city to smell of biscuits is a pretty decent thing."

Indeed the smell of coconut rings and ginger snaps often floats across the city from the McVitie's factory in Caldewgate.

David's wife, Jayne, who also runs the shop, said: "Our daughter is at university in Sheffield and she says Sheffield doesn't smell very nice.

"She says Carlisle smells of biscuits and it smells clean."

The couple are known for selling unique gifts and this one is no exception.

"We got in touch with a local candle maker and they have created this candle that smells of Carlisle. It really is a unique scent," said David.

Jayne added: "A lot of people, especially at Christmas, look for a gift that is a bit different. We have had such a positive response since we started selling this candle last week."

David said: "We've sold 40 per cent of our stock but more is on the way."

Many of the candles are being sent overseas so people can light them and remind them of their home city.

David said: "The candles are very high quality. The glass jars are recyclable and they are made locally. There is no waste and they are made from soy so there is no petroleum burnt."

David and Jayne both have family members who worked as cracker packers at the local factory.

Out on the street and the public loved the smell of the new candle, which retails at £15.

Alex Slee, 24, who makes doughnuts and bagels at Bruce and Luke's on Abbey Street, said: "I think it smells of popcorn."

And barrista and waitress Samantha Foster, 36, said: "Mmm that's nice. It smells of biscuits. Yes the bottom of a biscuit barrel."