A BITTER former boyfriend of a Carlisle woman has been prosecuted for sending a private sexual image of her to her new partner.

Jordan Davies, 26, admitted that offence and twice assaulting the same woman and also damaging some of her property - a microwave and a light fitting.

At the city’s Rickergate Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Peter Bardsley said that the defendant first got into trouble on November 10 last year when he turned up drunk at his former partner’s Carlisle home and threatened to smash her flat up.

“He was really aggressive,” said the prosecutor. As the victim tried to stop him from smashing up the property, he grabbed her by the arms and threw her to the ground.

She suffered a bruise to her arm.

On November 30, the defendant, of Raiselands Road, Morton, Carlisle, again arrived at the woman’s house, this at at 3am.

Once again, he was drunk. “He was threatening to harm himself,” said Mr Bardsley. “He went into her kitchen and she followed him.

“He stamped on her foot to prevent her from getting into the kitchen She had bare feet and he was wearing shoes.

“She was left bruised.

“He carried on arguing, picking up a bottle of wine and throwing it at her. It smashed on the floor. He also threw a microwave on to the floor, and damaged that.”

A short time later, following her to into the kitchen, Davies kicked the woman on her right leg. Mr Bardsley then described the most serious offence - disclosing a private sexual photograph of the woman to cause her distress.

He sent the image to his victim’s new partner, even though she had asked him to delete it. “It left her distressed,” said Mr Bardsley.

The woman said she felt constantly frightened of Davies.

She feared bumping into him, and had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

When interviewed by the police, Davies claimed he had accidentally stood on the woman’s foot.

He said he sent the private photo because he wanted to stir things up.

“He said he was just bitter that she had met somebody else,” said the prosecutor.

Sean Harkin, for the defendant, said: “Clearly, he was in a bad place at the end of the relationship...If he had intended to cause a great deal of distress he would have sent the private image to everybody and anybody.”

The lawyer described the criminal damage offence as “minor”.

Magistrates said they wanted to see a background report on the defendant before sentencing him.

A probation worker in court confirmed that she had some information about previous domestic violence relating to Davies which she wanted to investigate.

Davies will be sentenced next month.