Two paramedics responding to an emergency call just after midnight found themselves assaulted by the man they were there to help.

Luke Green, who had been drinking at a 21st birthday party, had a head injury after falling and had been assisted into the ambulance at Bowhill, Canonbie.

But a court heard that he became aggressive, head-butted one on the forehead, attempted to punch the other, then made offensive remarks.

In the court – at Dumfries – Green, 21, of Wadsworth Road, Carlisle, admitted the assaults last month and to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, repeatedly making homophobic and racial remarks towards the two paramedics in the course of their work.

The fiscal depute said: “Green had a small cut to the back of his head but didn’t require any form of treatment.”

Solicitor Tanya Steele said: “Green is extremely remorseful about this.

“He had been at a 21st birthday party and had little recollection of what happened…… he is a first offender and it is out of character.”

He was fined £1,000.