A SENIOR Eden politician has said the new council “couldn’t be more hung”, as talks continue to form an administration.

Eden’s Conservative leader Kevin Beaty confirmed negotiations are ongoing among the new council makeup, as last week’s elections left his party still the largest but - without a majority.

“There are talks right across the board going on right now,” he said.

“It couldn’t be more hung. It’s almost a perfectly balanced scenario, the way it sits.

“We’re in negotiations with anyone who wants to negotiate with the Conservatives.

“We are the largest party, and at the moment we are talking to everyone.”

But Mr Beaty remains confident that an administration will be formed ahead of next Thursday’s full council meeting.

“I’m confident an administration will be in place by Tuesday.

“It would be unfortunate if nothing was arranged by then, because that will leave Eden with no administration and no management.

“But we’re working hard to make something happen.”

Last week’s Eden council elections brought significant success for independent candidates, who won 10 of the 38 seats - placing them level with the Liberal Democrats and only four behind the Conservatives.

Reacting to securing another term, independent Appleby councillor Karen Greenwood said: “The few years since Storm Desmond, the recovery of Appleby has shown that the people are absolutely resilient and proud. The town is recovering really well.

“I’m very hopeful for the future.

Also re-elected in Appleby was Liberal Democrat Andy Connell, who said successful negotiations in forming an administration depended on being able to “reach an understanding”.

“The different groups are going to have to weigh up what they have,” he said, adding that national politics had made the Eden’s election outcome “predictable”.