It's all change at Radio Cumbria from Monday.

Mid-morning presenter Kevin Fernihough is leaving the station and his show is being taken over by Caroline Robertson.

'Fern' as he is known to his listeners, is moving back to his native Stoke to be nearer his parents and to go travelling.

He isn't quitting broadcasting completely, but after 43 years on the radio, the 58-year-old reckons it is time to take a step back.

"I have interviewed so many interesting people who have gone and done something on a whim and I realise that there is a big world out there," he said.

"It will be nice to hang up the headphones and see a bit of life myself."

Kevin has spent three stints working for Radio Cumbria - his latest started in 2008 when he signed a three-year contract.

"You could say I've overstayed my welcome, but it has just been great," he said.

Despite all his celebrity interviews, he says his most memorable moments have come when discussing "taboo subjects" such as race or being transgender.

Another came during Storm Desmond when he featured a flooded-out family who faced being split up, but listeners called in offering their holiday homes for the family to use.

"That was wonderful," he said, adding that he has been touched by the number of cards and messages he has received from listeners sad to see him go.

"I will still be bouncing back to Cumbria. It is still my spiritual home," he added.

Caroline, 30, is excited at taking on what she calls "Cumbria's biggest conversation".

The Aberdonian moved to the city in 2010 and took on the afternoon show in 2013.

She said: "I will have to set my alarm clock considerably earlier but I'm really looking forward to a new challenge.

"It is Cumbria's biggest conversation and what a privilege and an honour to host that.

"I'm not from here, but I truly love Cumbria I feel adopted and it is my home."

Caroline has already chosen the two songs that will open her show on Monday and explained: "It is a really important moment, the first song you play on your show and I have made two quite powerful choices."

But the move means that the presenter is stepping back from being part of Carl;isle's Green Room amateur dramatic group.

She will be starring in its next production - the stage version of the TV series Allo Allo, but says: "I think I might have to retire, if only for a while."

A BBC spokeswoman said an announcement about a new permanent afternoon presenter will be made soon. Vicky Warham will be presenting the programme on Monday on a temporary basis.