JUST five miles north of Carlisle, separated from the rest of Cumbria by the encircling River Eden, motorway and the West Coast Main Line you’ll find the village of Rockcliffe.

The school serves the communities of Rockcliffe, Cargo, Crindledyke, Todhills and the surrounding areas.

The school provides an excellent education to around 140 children aged from three to 11; with each child nurtured in a kind, Christian focused environment.

Headteacher David Hodgkiss said: “Here, at the heart of its community is Rockcliffe CE Primary School which has been educating the children of the village for more than 150 years.

“The school has adapted and grown over time. The residents of Rockcliffe even 50 years ago wouldn’t recognise the school as it has moved across the village to a new location and has been steadily modernised and enlarged ever since. As you enter the grounds, you’re met by the imposing floodlight towers for the Multi-Use Games Area that serves the community on the one side, and the play equipment, shared with the village, on the other.”

Although they might not recognise the exterior of the school estate, Mr Hodgkiss is confident that past pupils would recognise the ethos of the school.

“We’re definitely a school built on both family and friendship,” he said.

“Caring and kindness permeate the building. Older children see it as a responsibility to take their turn to look after the youngest children in the school, just as they were looked after by older children when they started.”

With a baby and toddler playgroup, staffed by the school, running twice a week and a thriving nursery, families are really important to the school.

“Families are our future,” says chair of governors, Mike Deans. “Keeping the family feel is imperative for all of us; it’s as important now as it has ever been.”

Recently, some children from the school went to London for Commonwealth Day.

Mr Hodgkiss said: “We went to allow the children to see and feel the vibrancy of the Commonwealth. Witnessing so many cultures in small place hopefully allows our children to have a perspective on the multi-cultural Britain that they are growing up in. The day passed all too quickly, a brief tour of London sights ending the day. One which they will remember for many years.”