When it comes to old clothes nobody can beat Egremont firefighters - and the community is benefitting as a result.

The fire station has won the national textiles competition for the fifth time this year.

The textile competition is run by the Firefighters Charity. Textiles are collected and sold, raising money to help fire service personnel who have been injured or are suffering from physical or mental problems.

As a result it won two large hampers which it has passed on to the Egremont Heritage Society and the Copeland and Allerdale Autism Support Group.

The hampers were presented at a function at the station last week.

Crew manager David McDowell said: "The hampers are great but we prefer to given them to the community. Charities such as the two chosen this year can raise money from them by raffling them on."

Egremont Fire Statin collected 14,730 kg of textiles, raising £3,240 for the Firefighters charity.

"Every £1,000 raised will pay for a week's respite or physiotherapy. We enjoy the challenge and enjoy winning but it is how this money helps firefighters and their families that really counts," Mr McDowell said.

Recycling manager Kevin Biles and fundraising leader Alan Knoll, from the national Firefighter's Charity attended the presentation along with West operations commander Will Richardson.

Mr McDowell again thanked the Egremont community "without whose help we could not do this year after year."