New year celebrations in April, might sound a little late to people who use the Gregorian calendar.

But however the Nepalese follow the Bikram Sambat - meaning the bells ring out for them in spring.

And it was marked with style with a special celebration in Carlisle on Saturday - even if the lunar system used by the calendar meant party-goers were toasting the start of the year 2076.

Carlisle Nepalese community has been growing over the years and a number of the men are ex-Gurkhas, who served the British Crown.

The community has a rich heritage marked by excellence and sacrifice.

Dancing, food and catching up were the main focuses of Saturday’s event.

Tucked away in the South End Constitutional Club, the party started.

And, special delivery arrived all the way from Mount Everest, in Catterick Garrison, the traditional Ghurkha takeaway provided meals that included, goat curry, spiced potatoes and a few chicken nuggets for the youngsters.

Dilisa Pun, who lives in Carlisle, said: “It’s just a way to celebrate and get together with family.

“We meet friends and have good food, drink, dance and have fun.

“We have a thriving community. We have been here more than 12 years. Everyone travels in from all over Cumbria and even from the north east just to celebrate.

Mrs Pun added: “It’s a great time to catch up and and have everyone round.”

Comparing the Bikram Sambat system and the Gregorian calenders, she said: “What is interesting about our new years is that it falls the same as the Hindus - and it’s the same as the English tax year.”

Getting together is important and for Maeron Rai, 10, from Carlisle, who said: “It’s very nice. It’s unusual, because I don’t go to parties very often. I like to see all my friends and family. I even looked for a new dress especially for the party but it has been way too hot to wear it.”