A LEADING climate change campaigner hopes disruptive protests will make the Government realise that action to tackle the crisis is needed.

Dr Helen Davison, of the Green Party in Carlisle, spoke as activists made their message heard for another day in central London, as well as at Heathrow Airport.

A number of Cumbrians are understood to have joined the action yesterday.

And Dr Davison hopes the moves made throughout this week will make ministers take notice and change direction to tackle the concerns of thousands of Extinction Rebellion campaigners and others.

She said: “This is the last straw for the protesters. They’re teachers, doctors, they’re professionals from all areas and young children are there because it is there future that will be impacted.

“We have tried everything it’s the government who are not taking action.”

Showing her support for the protesters Dr Davison said: “I admire all the people that are involved in the protest.

“I think they’re doing it out of necessity. Our government has not been listening to evidence or acting on it in a way that is making the changes we need.

“We’re facing and existential crisis as humanity at the moment and caused by ourselves.”

Dr Davison wants the government to declare a climate emergency and act on it.

She added: “We need major action to make the changes to enable us to live a green life and protect our planet.”

The disruption is an unfortunate by-product of the protest, she said.

“But that is nothing compared to the disruption that is already happening to millions of people across the world.

“People are loosing their homes to climate change.”

Frustrated by the lack of urgency not only by British governments, but global governments she added: “This is the last straw. We have to we have tried everything it’s the government who are not taking action.

“Our voices aren’t represented in parliament, we have a democracy that is failing us. People who care about the climate are unable to get their voices heard in Parliament.”

A pink boat used by Extinction Rebellion activists to blockade Oxford Circus has been towed away by police after five days at the heart of the climate demonstrations.