A MAN who lived in a shed for 40 years might never be capable of living independently, according to the senior investigator in his case.

Martin Plimmer, of the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), fears the 58-year-old man,

who was discovered in the 6ft outbuilding, will struggle to overcome his experiences.

He was speaking following the arrest of a second man who was questioned in connection with allegations that a man had been living in a shed and was exploited all of his adult life.

The 53-year-old, who was taken into custody on Tuesday on suspicion of modern

slavery offences, has since been released under investigation.

The GLAA and Cumbria Police discovered the alleged victim at the Hadrian’s Park caravan site north of Carlisle in October following a 6am raid.

He was cared for by the

Salvation Army after being taken away from the shed and for the past six months has been receiving specialist support.

Mr Plimmer told The Cumberland News: “The man is living in sheltered accommodation where he has to have assisted living.

“He is not still capable of independent living and may not ever be.

“He has made some progress and is in a much better place than he was. But it’s a long process. We’re still not sure whether he will ever be integrated back into the community normally.

“We have to go slowly because of the trauma he has allegedly suffered and we are being guided by professionals who have expertise in this field.”

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Mr Plimmer has previously described conditions the man was living in.

He said the shed was cold, there was a soiled duvet and a cushion on the floor and the only clothing he had were those he was standing up in.

The GLAA previously released a 79-year-old man under investigation and further enquiries led to the questioning of the second man.

Mr Plimmer said: “Our priority since we made the initial arrest has been to ensure that the potential victim has been given all the necessary help and support. This was clearly the right thing to do.

“Alongside this, we have ensured that all lines of enquiry have been thoroughly and objectively explored which resulted in the arrest. I would again like to thank my team for their utmost professionalism and dedication in what is a challenging case.

“If anyone who is reading this has any information, however small, please contact us. You will be spoken to in full confidence and could provide us with crucial evidence.”

Anyone with information that could help with the GLAA’s investigation is asked to call 0800 4320804 or email intelligence@gla.gov.uk.