Blood donation is not just for humans, dogs need blood transfusions too.

And, a four legged hero, Ollie dog, a Deerhound, has helped save his canine friends life.

For humans donating blood is something that can be taken for granted.

But, for animals blood donation centres can be out of reach, and Pet Blood Bank are appealing for more donors.

Last year Kell was rushed to the vets where it was found she had immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, a life threatening disease for dogs.

After becoming very tired and unable to walk, tests discovered her blood cells were at a quarter of their normal value and she was critical.

In comes Ollie dog and owner Julie Sandilands, who had received a call, from Old Hall Veterinary Centre, asking if she could help save the life of Kell, she said: "I'm always happy to help a fellow hound in need."

Encouraging blood donation, Graham Lewis, Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon at Paragon Vets, said: "Blood donation is a fantastic thing for dogs to do."

He continued: "There are several reasons why dogs might need a blood transfusion such as eating rat poison or diseases that cause anaemia and we see dogs in need of blood fairly regularly.

Giving advice to pet owners who could be interested in this Mr Lewis said: "We maintain a list of donor dogs so that we can collect a donation at the time to give to the dog straight away and these donor dogs have definitely saved lives at Paragon.

"There are certain conditions for a donor dog, such as being over 20kg in weight, but if anyone would like to know more then please contact us. Alternatively dogs can donate to the Pet Blood Bank."