Nicki Butterworth didn’t lose her fight against cancer - she was beaten in the first round on points.

She was determined to make that point to her friends through the eulogy at her funeral.

“She’s gearing up for the second round,” said Jono, the friend designated to read the tributes at the 41-year-old’s thanksgiving service.

About 250 people - more than 100 arriving on bikes in a cacophony of noise - turned out to say goodbye to the loud-mouthed mum-of-two at Carlisle Crematorium yesterday.

Her eulogy was filled with things those who knew her were not allowed to say - “gone to a better place” and “she lost her fight” were just a few of those listed as banned during the unconventional funeral service.

Nicki, from Penrith, arrived in a bright pink coffin, followed by a cavalcade of motorbikes and her beloved choppers.

She died 10 days ago, almost eight years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Known for her wicked sense of humour, bright pink hair and honesty, Nicki made the most of life, completing a sky dive, organising a mass food fight in her garden and visiting the Harry Potter Studios.

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In a moment of relief which only Nicki could have dreamed up, mourners walked into the crematorium - and its overflow room - to the sounds of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary... followed by Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Tributes were read from Nicki’s children Alexandria and Jay, who quoted their mum’s adored - almost obsession - with Harry Potter as they spoke of their pride to be her children.

Alex said: “The one thing I admired most about my mum, was the fact she never gave up. She stayed strong and pushed through it to the very end.”

A musical interlude surprised few who knew Nicki, as the congregation was asked to rise and complete the actions to Blacklace’s Superman. The sight of Carlisle’s chapel ‘blowing its nose’, ‘brushing its hair’ and posing as ‘macho man’ is one unlikely to be repeated soon.

Afterwards, it was husband Tony ‘Joe’ Butterworth who shared his wife’s feelings on death and cancer, reflecting on the different ways people deal with terminal illness.

“Nicki wore her heart not just on one sleeve,” said Tony, “but on both - while shouting through a megaphone to make sure everyone heard her message.

“Being diagnosed with cancer does not mean the end is round the corner, it’s just a reminder you might not have as long left as others.”

In a moment of gravity, he echoed Nicki’s plea to live life: “Make your bucket list now, but don’t wait to do the things on it.

“Above all, never ever give up.”

The sound of muffled sobs finally echoed through the chapel of rest, as a congregation filled with beards and biker leathers filed past the coffin and its purple and white helmet - complete with pink and white horns.

The lyrics of Danny Taylor’s Party is Over gave Nicki the final words as he sang the congregation out: “If you see me passing round your way, don’t look back now, just have a beautiful day.”

A wake was held afterwards at Penrith Cricket Club, with a collection in Nicki’s memory going to the Penrith Day Hospice Amenity Fund.

* The News & Star attended the funeral with the permission of Tony ‘Joe’ Butterworth.