A HARRABY woman was left scared and shaken up after being confronted in a 'crash-for-cash' scam in the city.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, recalled the event, which happened at the weekend when she was driving alone through Carlisle.

The 67-year-old told the News & Star: "I was driving along London Road at about 7.20pm on Sunday (March 31) when I small dark blue Mitsubishi overtook me at such a speed.

"The car then pulled in front, before slamming the breaks.

"I suddenly stopped my car several feet behind them before the junction with Aldi in Harraby, and didn't touch theirs."

Then, a man and a woman, both in their mid to late 20s, exited their car and ran over to hers.

"As soon as I saw then running towards me I immediately locked the doors, the man tried my door, and the woman tried the passenger side, but couldn't get in.

"They both had a foreign accent, and started pointing at the back bumper of their car, saying I had hit it when I didn't even touch it.

"One of them took a photo of my registration, which I guess is to put in a fake claim over what had happened.

The woman remained in her car, and managed to quickly reverse, before driving on.

She added: "There was nobody else around, and the pair went back to their car and followed me for a while, before I managed to lose them.

"I didn't go home straight away, I drove around for a bit to make sure I had lost them, before heading back and calling the police."

The incident left the woman shook up, and described it as a scary experience.

While no other incidents of this nature have been reported, Cumbria Police are urging anyone who witnessed the incident (log 184 of March 31) or anything like this to call 101.

Sergeant Rachel Carruthers added: “We take these offences very seriously and there are serious consequences to making false insurance claims.

“Crash-for-cash scams will be investigated and those involved could end up with a criminal conviction.

“In addition we will seek to remove assets from those we identify as having profited.

“We would advise any motorists to contact police if they believe they have been a victim to such a scam.”