The overhaul of a road leading up to a major Cumbrian beauty spot has received both praise and criticism from the community.

Developers of the former Tarn End Hotel, on the shores of Talkin Tarn near Brampton, have fenced off a section of the road running parallel to the tarn leading to the property.

Many residents in the area have expressed their support for the idea on social media, while others have been critical that a free parking option has been removed.

Posting on Facebook, Dave Andrews wrote that he used to visit Talkin Tarn almost daily, adding: “But the charges put a big hole in a very small pocket so now I just wander where its free”.

However, developer Rachael Hogarth-Morley said the move was necessary as the level of congestion had made the road dangerous.

Explaining that the revamp has been carried out with the approval and guidance of Cumbria County Council, Rachael said the roadside verge revamp will include planting blossom trees and wildflowers to improve the appearance of the verge, which had been damaged by the parked cars.

“The road is now a safer area not only for motorists but for walkers, dogs, horses, children – everyone using this road,” Rachael said.

“The verge parking was unsightly and extremely dangerous and was an accident waiting to happen.

“The verges have been repaired and fenced under the highways guidelines.

“A lot of people parking here were leaving a huge amount of rubbish behind also – we have now provided bins.”

Rachael stressed the majority of opinions expressed to the developers have been positive.

“The negative comments have been from a small minority,” she added.

“Hopefully they can accept what we are doing is for the better of the area and everyone using it.”

Rachael also assured locals that the road had not been narrowed by the installation of the fence.

“The road has not been narrowed - it has been widened in some areas as we have had to scrape back the crumbling old verges,” she said.

As well as redeveloping the former Tarn End Hotel, Rachael and her co-developers have constructed a new car park on the other side of the road for residents of the new cottages.

It will also be in use for visitors to the tarn, charging £1 per hour.

This is in addition to a larger pay-and-display car park operated by Carlisle City Council on the other side of the tarn, profits from which go towards the tarn’s upkeep.

Rachael explained there will be annual passes available to local residents, providing a discount.

“If anyone would like to enquire about this please message us on our Facebook page,” she said.

“The car park has been opened for free over the first two weeks which has been warmly received.

“We look forward to meeting more visitors to the tarn over the weekend and continuing our renovation work on the Tarn End building – the building will once again be an iconic part of the tarn.

Building and renovation works are now well on their way and we are very of proud of the work done so far.”