Greater flamingos have taken up residence near Keswick as the Lake District Wildlife Park are opening a new enclosure.

38 flamingos have been moved to the park as part of a partnership with the Martin Mere Wetland Centre.

The enclosure has been specially designed to display the birds in all their glory as they perform their breeding rituals.

Lake District Wildlife Park manager Richard Robinson said: “They are well-known as colourful and flamboyant and at 1.5metres, Greater flamingos are the tallest of all flamingo species.

"Flamingos are incredible birds. They are one of the most instantly recognisable wading birds in the world and there has been a great buzz of excitement about their arrival.”

The park are hoping that some of the flamingos will couple-up. Mr Robinson said: “On a more serious note, their arrival highlights our long term commitment to supporting awareness-raising and conservation of these popular birds.”

Mr Robinson added: “It’s great to have such a large flock - or a flamboyance - here in Cumbria for people to visit for themselves.”

The birds are native to Southern Europe, Asia, South Africa and North West India.