Police are investigating after a blaze destroyed a builders' unit outside the new home of a woman who suffered life-changing injuries when she was hit by a car.

The portable welfare unit was burned out early yesterday morning outside the bungalow at Low Seaton.

The property is being renovated and fitted out as an adapted home for Natalli Fisher, who was critically injured when she was hit by a car on the A596 outside Dunmail Park in October 2016.

Commenting on Facebook, Miss Fisher's sister, Caroline Forber, said she was "absolutely disgusted" to learn of the blaze.

She added: "The amount of people that have complained about this temporary little hut that’s been up (with permission) is disgusting! But to go to this level to get rid of it when it was full of equipment/tools is the absolute pits!! Never known anything so spiteful."

Miss Fisher's family kept vigil at her bedside in the early days after the crash.

Her friend Audrey Tunstall, 79, was also hit and died of her injuries.

For the last six months, building firm Chambers and Harrison has been converting the bungalow to provide a new home for Miss Fisher.

But firefighters were called just before 2am to a blaze involving the building firm's welfare unit.

The unit, which provided toilet facilities and a place for the workmen to eat, was destroyed in the fire, and two vehicles were damaged.

A spokesman for Cumbria police said the force was investigating the blaze and treating it as potential arson.

Paul Chambers, director of the Dearham building company, said about £5,000 worth of damage had been caused to the unit, which also contained tools.

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Mr Chambers believes that the fire was deliberate and added that there were no power sources within the unit.

But he does not believe it was linked to complaints in the village about the temporary building.

He said: "I don't think anybody would stoop as low as to burn the cabin out if they have a problem with it.

"Natalli's family can't believe it's happened. I can't believe it's happened.

"We'll just have to battle on. People don't understand the cost of putting things back."

Whatever the reason for the fire, parish councillor Danny Horsley said it was sickening to think that someone may have deliberately set alight the unit, which was located on Seaton Parish Council land with the council's permission.

He said: "It's beyond words. Everybody knows it was there and what it was there for."

Fortunately, Mr Chambers said, the blaze has not delayed work on the bungalow, which is almost complete.

He added that the welfare unit had been due to be removed in the coming days anyway.

Witnesses to the blaze and anyone with information is asked to call PC 2527 Lauren Crawford on 101, quoting log 22 of April 11.