Volunteers and councillors took to the streets to give their village a spring clean.

Seaton residents as well as councillors from Allerdale Council, Seaton parish council and the county council picked up rubbish, pulled up weeds and tackled mess around the village as part of a regular series of clean-ups.

Jackson Street, Hunter’s Drive and Fernleigh Drive, as well as play parks, were targeted in a bid to keep the area clean and attractive.

A road sweeper provided by contractor FCC then followed the cleaners to clear up any remaining mess while the teams moved to refurbishing benches and cleaning road signs in the afternoon despite the weather taking a turn for the worse.

The village’s Spar store also provided pies and sandwiches to the people who took part in the clean-up.

Allerdale, parish and county councillor Celia Tibble, who is the county council’s cabinet member for environment, said about a dozen people came out to take part in the clean.

She said: “It seemed to be successful.

“They were places we hadn’t covered previously.

“If people take their rubbish home with them we wouldn’t need to do it but we like the village to look good.

“This rubbish has to go to landfill whereas if people would take it home and recycle it properly that could be avoided.”

The clean-up was part of the charity Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean campaign to promote people across the UK taking ownership of where they live to keep it clean and work to protect the environment.

Allerdale and parish councillor Mark Jenkinson added: “We always need more people but they do enjoy getting out and taking a bit of pride in where they live.

“I just like the idea of people taking part in the community.

“We’ve still got a village feel.

“The village isn’t untidy generally.”

Residents can report instances of litter and dog muck in their area via the My Allerdale app for smartphones to highlight the need for action to tackle it.

Anyone interested in volunteering on future clean-ups in Seaton should contact a parish councillor or council clerk Paul Bramley.