Cumbria appears to be particularly divided on the issue of Brexit, according to a breakdown of two competing petitions to Parliament.

The petitions have been attracting a large number of signatures on the website, although one is currently far outstripping the other in terms of numbers supporting it.

One petition is calling for Article 50 - the legal mechanism by which the UK withdraws from the European Union - to be scrapped, preventing Brexit from happening.

This has attracted more than three million signatures, far more than the 100,000 number required to trigger a parliamentary debate - which is rarely reached by a petition.

The other major Brexit petition currently attracting signatures demands that the UK leaves the EU at the end of this month, as originally arranged.

At the moment this has received about 392,000 signatures, far fewer than the petition calling for a halt to Brexit.

However, the vast difference in numbers between the two petitions is not reflected in the regional breakdown for parliamentary constituencies in Cumbria.

While 897 people in Carlisle have signed the petition demanding Brexit is stopped, 660 people in the city have signed the petition calling for an immediate Brexit to take place.

In the Penrith and the Border constituency, 1,335 people have signed the petition to stop Brexit, but just 631 people in the constituency have signed the call for Brexit to happen next Friday.

But not all parts of the country are as evenly split.

In Hackney North and Stoke Newington, the east London constituency represented by shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, 6,731 people have signed the petition demanding Brexit is stopped.

According to Digital Dashboard, an electoral data project based at the London School of Economics, Hackney North and Stoke Newington was the parliamentary constituency that recorded the highest percentage of votes to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum.

The east Midlands constituency of Boston and Skegness recorded the highest percentage of votes to leave. Unsurprisingly, more than 1,000 people in the constituency have signed the petition demanding an immediate Brexit, compared to just 163 in Dianne Abbott’s east London parliamentary seat.

Responding to the issue on social media, Carlisle resident Frank Turner summed up his frustrations with the current impasse.

“We voted and leave won”, he wrote on the News & Star Facebook page.

“Of course the longer it goes on the bigger the divide in the country.

“Parliament has caused this division. They are getting further and further away from the people - a total disconnect.”

Rob Oliver added in a post: “Personally I think both sides agree the Tories and Labour parties handling of Brexit is abysmal.”