AFTER years of tireless campaigning, work is finally set to go ahead to to improve safety at two notorious junctions on the A66 near Cockermouth.

Residents have been calling for action on the busy junctions by Broughton and Brigham for up to 20 years.

More than 900 people attended drop-in sessions about plans to improve the busy junctions in 2014.

Highways England confirmed this week that funding had been agreed for a four-arm roundabout between the junctions.

A spokesman said: "We’re still finalising the design of the Broughton to Brigham roundabout but we’re looking to reveal details early next month."

It will form part of a £6million package which will include improvements at the Fitz and Great Clifton roundabouts and be delivered before the end of March next year, said the spokesman.

Allerdale councillor Nicky Cockburn lives in Great Broughton and has been one of the people campaigning for action.

"I'm absolutely delighted, over the moon. It's been a long time coming, lots of people have been campaigning for this, the parish councils in particular," said Mrs Cockburn.

"The junctions are awful. There are vehicles travelling at 60mph in both directions, making it very difficult to turn on to the road.

"So often you see people taking their lives in their hands when there are queues of cars behind them."

Chairman of Broughton Parish Council, Mary Bradley, said: "There are reminders all of the time of how dangerous this junction is, it's great that this is going to happen at last, people can't wait.

"At the moment it takes you forever to turn left and right, it's not just crossing both carriageways.

"The junctions are getting busier and busier with all the developments."

Margaret Light is chairman of Brigham Parish Council.

"This is absolutely essential, there have been so many accidents there, at least one or two a month," she said.

"This will make it so much easier for everyone.

"There's far more traffic these days and when there are roadworks everyone diverts through Broughton Cross and Brigham and adds to the numbers of the dangerous junction.

"We owe a very big thank you to Nicky Cockburn. She has been at this like a terrier, she got hold of it and didn't let go!"

Work will start on Saturday to repair Stoneybeck parapet, near Broughton Cross. Over the following month, preparation work work for the whole package of improvements, including moving some utility services, will be done.

The timescale for major work will be announced early next month.

A Highways England spokesman said: "This is a major investment in the A66, we are aware this has been an ambition for local people for some time."