With voices like angels, the Melodic Minors, of Wreay Church of England Primary School, sang their hearts out to compete for the title of best junior choir.

Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival celebrates talent from the area, and after more than 100 years, the week-long event was highly anticipated.

Families and participants last week travelled from all round to take part after months of training and practice to compete for trophies and honours.

Twelve choirs fought for junior title, but for the second time, Wreay Primary School, stole the show with the sweet rendition of Sicilian River Song.

Head of School, Jim Bone attributed the victory, to not only the children’s superb performance, but the music teacher, Mrs Gill Wadeson and the pianist Viv Murphy, who helped the youngsters achieve their success.

He said: “They worked incredibly hard, they really knuckled down and got on with it.

“The children did extra rehearsals and put a lot of time and effort in to preparing.

“I think there was a little pressure to live up to the past, this was the third year, the first year the choir came second and last year they won it. So, there was a bit more pressure on, because we had set such a high standard the year before.”

When the announcement finally came, that the school had won, Mr Bone said: “It was fantastic, the looks on the kids’ faces and Mrs Wadeson, they were so pleased that all that hard work and effort had paid off. I’m over the moon for them.”

The students were thrilled to win and Lilly Roberts, eight, singer in the choir, said: “It was fun and amazing.”

Nathaniel Robson, 10, singer in the choir, explained what it was like to win: “We had to practice most days and stand in different places which was confusing at first, but we got used to it. My favourite part was when we won, I felt tingly inside and I had butterflies in my tummy.”

All the children from the school, who took part in the week-long event, did their best, and Emilia Stamper, eight, a member of the choir said: “It was lots of fun, and I loved singing in front of everyone, but I was nervous before we went in front of everyone, it was scary to start with.”

Ben Ruddick, 10, member of the choir, said: “I was nervous, but then you just snap in to position and get ready. The best part was seeing my parents carrying on, they were screaming when they saw us win, it was a bit embarrassing.”