The first lady of Gaelic song, Moya Brennan, brings her golden voice and haunting tunes to Cumbria later this month.

As the voice of Clannad, she made the sounds of Gaelic song an international success back in the Eighties.

Their theme tune to the TV series Harry's Game about The Troubles in Northern Ireland made the top 5 in the UK singles chart and was a hit around the world.

Since then, Clannad, have sold over 15 million records worldwide and a received a string of top awards, including Ivor Novello, BAFTA and a Grammy. They were awarded a lifetime achievement at the BBC Folk Awards in 2014 and gaelic tunes have become a mainstay of Hollywood movies, from Braveheart to Titanic and the Lord of the Rings movies.

Moya says: "A lot of people copy Clannad now, it is a compliment. You have to take it as that.

"It is amazing when people do that. You have to remember when we came out, there was nothing like that around."

She will be showcasing her latest solo album, Canvas, when she brings her tour to Kendal at the end of the month, along with her third 'Voices and Harps' album recorded with fellow harpist Cormac De Barra.

The five piece band includes Cormac and Moya's daughter and son, Aisling and Paul. Both multi-instrumentalists, she insists they are part of the band because they are "incredibly good" and not just because she is their mum.

She credits her children with persuading her to record Canvas, following the death of her dad Leo and her uncle and says it was "incredibly healing" for her.

It was also hugely well received by fans around the world as it premiered in the Top 10 iTunes World Music Charts in six countries.

The setlist for the gig at Kendal will also include some Clannad classics.

Moya says: "People like hearing those songs and we should play them."

Clannad's Nadur in 2013 was their first album in 15 years. An album of a 1980 live performance in Germany was released last year and the band celebrate 50 years together next year.

It is amazing that after so long in the music business that they are still talking to each other, let alone planning any sort of celebration.

Moya, now 66, can still remember Clannad winning the Letterkenny Folk Festival and the top prize of recording an album.

"It is still vivid in my mind, it is one of the highlights of my career," she says.

"We were still at secondary school, but I can still remember that feeling."

And she says that after so many years, she still loves to perform: "It is kind of addictive in a way.

"When you get onstage it is a real joy and I enjoy meeting people afterwards."

She refers to Clannad as 'my family'. There are plans for them to tour. Moya says it is likely to be their farewell tour - though it could last upto two years!

"We don't like going out more than three weeks at a time, so it will take us a while to get out everywhere," she says.

"That way you are not out there and painting by numbers and you can enjoy it.

"We do things our own way and at our own pace."

Moya Brennan, Kendal Brewery Arts Centre, March 30. For tickets, go to or call 01539 725133